Let's build a fair, just, and equitable Minnesota.

My mother, a Spanish immigrant, and my father, a UMN graduate from St. Louis Park, achieved the American dream through hard work and many advantages Minnesotans once shared.

My wife Jenna and I have made what was once my grandparent's house our home because we love everything the west metro has to offer.

My grandparents moved to St. Louis Park in the 1960s and were lifelong, active members of Good Shepherd Catholic Church in Golden Valley.

Your opinions, ideas, and questions matter to me. Please reach out! Complete the form below or email me at shekforhouse@gmail.com.



Learning that Congressman Tim Walz chose Representative Peggy Flanagan to be his running mate for Governor was bittersweet. I was happy and excited for Peggy, it's a well-deserved honor, but sad that we may lose her leadership representing us in the legislature. Peggy's vision, strength and commitment to our community have been exemplary, and she can't be replaced. Her selection, however, opened a new opportunity for me to serve my community, and I'm asking for your support to become the next representative of 46A.


I'm running because we need the State of Minnesota to invest in its residents. We need St. Paul to put people before politics, and have one fundamental question that drives debates "What do folks need to succeed?" Because success shouldn't be limited to those who have means; it should be cultivated in everyone. As the late, great Paul Wellstone said, "We all do better when we all do better."


Investing in people works, as it did for my parents — my dad, a middle-class guy from St. Louis Park and my mom, a Spanish immigrant who spoke little English when she arrived. My parents worked hard to create a life for me, and because of decades of state investments, I was set up to be successful. My parents had safe, affordable places to live; access to quality public schools; an affordable, internationally recognized public university system; affordable childcare; and when needed, food and income support.

My family achieved their dreams because policies were put in place by representatives who reached across the aisle and found common ground in building prosperity for all Minnesotans.

Over the last 25 years, conservative Republicans have undermined the system and chipped away at the fundamental investments that make Minnesota great. Schools are more segregated than ever. College is increasingly unaffordable, especially for first-generation students. Minnesota's women earn 83 percent of what the state's men do, with an even greater gap for women of color. Quality childcare is costly and increasingly out of reach for many. Our roads are crumbling without adequate investment. And, hyper-partisan politics threaten important safety net programs for those who need it the most.

The face of the American immigrant has changed since my mother came to this country. While she faced subtle racism and sexism, her citizenship status was never a barrier to education, housing or a fair wage. The challenges facing today's immigrants have only grown and our state must stand firm on the core value that all Minnesotans deserve just and equitable treatment.

I am committed to future generations having the same opportunities my family relied on. I've dedicated my adult life to public service by defending those goals and building resilient communities. I would be honored to represent your values in St. Paul as your next Representative in the Minnesota House.


Please attend your precinct caucuses on Tuesday, February 6 and become a delegate to the March 11 Senate District 46 DFL Convention, where it would be a privilege to earn your vote for the DFL endorsement.



St. Louis Park (all precincts): St. Louis Park High School, 6425 West 33rd Street, St. Louis Park

Golden Valley (precincts 3, 5 and 8): Meadowbrook School, 5430 Glenwood Avenue, Golden Valley

Plymouth (precincts 15, 16 and 17): Plymouth Middle School, 10011 36th Avenue North, Plymouth

Medicine Lake (all precincts): Plymouth Middle School, 10011 36th Avenue North, Plymouth

DFL Caucuses: District 46A

DFL Caucuses are Tuesday, February 6!

Visit the SD46 website to learn what happens at a DFL Precinct Caucus.

It's never too early to verify that you are registered to vote and if you aren't, click here to register online.


Including parts of St. Louis Park, Golden Valley, Plymouth, and Medicine Lake


Sunday, March 11 at St. Louis Park High School

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